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Life’s adventure becomes truly exhilarating when one discovers their voice. For Amakove Wala, this discovery was in the form of heartfelt Facebook posts, and as she penned her thoughts, many found their voices echoing back to her. Such a profound impact could not be confined solely to the digital realm.

Welcome to The Amakove Wala Show – a vibrant platform that transitions from written words to audible voices. With a live audience, an energetic panel, and the heart of authentic conversations, this talk show is curated to delve deep into societal matters. Whether it’s about relationships, breaking age-old stereotypes, exploring life after 40, or the intricacies of friendships – each episode promises raw, unfiltered discussions.

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About Amakove

In the vast realm of social media, where voices often blur into indistinct noise, Dr. Wala’s stands out distinctively. Her writings, deeply rooted in her experiences, resonate as truth and clarity.

 What began as personal reflections on social media quickly morphed into a phenomenon, giving birth to a community-driven space. 

Fearless in her approach, Dr. Wala delves into the pressing societal issues Kenyans grapple with today. She boldly uncovers the realities that many choose to ignore, constantly questing for the underlying truths: the WHYs and HOWs of our current state. And as she unveils these truths, she never hesitates to lace her revelations with humor and joy, making the journey insightful yet delightful.


Ready to make an impact? Partner with The Amakove Wala Show and join us in the heart of authentic conversations. We are more than a show; we are a movement towards a more connected and compassionate society. Let’s dive deep together.

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