Topical, fast-paced 45-minute to 1-hour TV talk show, filmed on location.

The show will include three-part discussion segments with a musical interlude. The pilot will be filmed in Nairobi with a total of 200 audience members and three panelists. This is an 18+ show targeting a mature audience and is preferably aired on pay-to-view platforms and social media.

Meet The Team

Dr. Elizabeth Amakove Wala is a true embodiment of passion, resilience, and excellence. As a seasoned medical professional, she has navigated through various notable positions including her current role as the Regional Manager of Medical Services and Outreach Programme at AMREF, and formerly as the CEO of the Kenya Medical Association. As a single mother of four, she epitomizes strength, managing to harmoniously balance her demanding career, family life, and other ventures such as rabbit breeding and cycling.


Dr. Amagove Wala